Tan Brown(S)

Tan Brown Granite is a natural earth tone granite from India. The background of this granite is dark brown with Chocolate and Tan colored flowers and crystals. The Quarries of Tan Brown are located in the Indian state of Telangana. This is a beautiful and sophisticated granite which is great to use in interior and exterior applications. You can use it as a bathroom vanity, kitchen top, wall floors, etc. The primary use of this granite is in Kitchen Countertops and bathroom vanity top. You can buy countertops, Small Slabs, Big Slabs, and 24×24, 12×12, 18×18 tiles from us.

Name of Stone Tan Brown Granite
Also known as Tropic Brown, Baltic Brown
Sizes available Random slabs, Tiles, Counter slabs
Finish Polished, Flamed
Uses Flooring, Countertops, Wall Tiles